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Affordable living space

We stand for the creation of affordable living space with contemporary, high-grade facilities.

Ownership instead of rent

It is our view that ownership makes one more independent and helps secure sustainable asset generation.

Take advantage of market potential

We develop attractive investment models for investors who are interested in taking advantage of the Vienna real estate market.

Your property.

Whether in the form of an investment in a flat or a luxury apartment, either in the green suburbs or on busy corners where it can get noisy—with the right planning, living space can turn into living a dream. That is what the founder’s expertise stands for, together with their hand-picked team.

Some key figures
* especially for our clients and attorneys 🙂      ** developed area, including residential, commercial, and office real estate

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25 years of know-how in real estate development

Our Expert Team

Norbert Galfusz has been working in project management and property development in the CEE region since 1990. In 2000, together with Balazs Györke and Zwerenz & Krause AG, he was a founding member and partner of Whitestone Investment based in Budapest. As Managing Director of Whitestone Investment Advisory, Mr. Galfusz is at the helm of project acquisition in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland since 2014 and also of managing investor relations. Mr. Galfusz is a state-certified real estate trustee and property developer.

With Know-how in tow, on the path to returns

The Whitestone Consortium has been operating successfully in the area of development and financing of commercial properties such as offices, industrial parks, and shopping centers. With the founding of Whitestone Investment Advisory in Vienna, the founders have been concentrating their efforts on development and residential construction projects specifically, since 2013.

See our current investment offer here.

Rising demand since 2010

On account of the overall upward spiral in the real estate market, the average purchasing price for flat ownership has increased dramatically also in Vienna. In the past 5 years alone, the price per square meter for flat ownership rose on average 50% and on the inside of Vienna’s ‘Guertel’ by as much as 80%.

See our current investment offer here.

Rising demand for living space

Vienna is the seventh-largest city in the EU and in just a few years’ time, there will be approximately 2 million people living and working in this active economic zone. In that process, no end is in sight: the continuous influx into the capital city from the outer regions and from neighboring countries is continuing to serve as a boost on the real estate market.

See our current investment offer here.

Most Livable City in the World

The New York Consulting firm MERCER voted Vienna as the most livable city for the 8th time now, ahead of both Zürich (CH) and Auckland (NZL). The capital city particularly scores points in the areas of safety, health care, comparatively cheap university tuition, along with substantial offerings in culture and the arts, as well as recreational activities.

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Real estate prices comparably cheap

Despite rising prices for home ownership, some breathing room remains. With one million U.S. dollars, one can currently get 175 m2 of living space in Vienna. In Monaco—the most expensive patch of land in the world—one gets a mere 17 m2 with the same amount, followed by 20 m2 in Hong Kong and 22 m2 in London.

See our current investment offer here.

Attractive investment opportunities

With shares in the development and implementation of real estate projects in the area of residential construction, Whitestone Investment provides investors with the opportunity to take part in high returns in the property development business. Click here for the current investment offer.

See our current investment offer here.


Invest directly with the property developer now:


We endow private and institutional investors with shares in property development business.

A simple alternative strategy for all investors who either would not like their investment capital to be interrupted by the volatile stock markets or non-transparent crypto-currency courses, or are otherwise unsatisfied with the real depreciation in customary savings accounts with current zero to lowest interest rates.

Minimum nominal value € 2,500

Fixed interest rate of 5%, i.e. 6.5% p.a.

With the process of fixed interested in the name of registered bonds (5% or 6.5% depending on terms), combined with a variable bonus interest of up to 2%, investors can invest in the property development business of Whitestone Investment Advisory from a minimum nominal value of €2,500 plus agio.

A registered bond is in the name of a debt security, a so-called registered security. The issuer is obligated to provide the services that appear in the commercial registry of the creditor, which the issuer is supposed to keep. Generally speaking, a debt security—also referred to as a bond—is a security for which the debtor is obligated vis-à-vis the creditor to make payment on the debt with interest.

Loan is the overall term for long-term debt with a fixed interest rate. Synonyms and appropriate terms for loans are: loan, bond, debt security, borrower’s note, rent security, and fixed-interest securities (with fixed and variable interest rates).

With a share in Whitestone Investment Advisory GmbH in the form of a registered bond, investors participate in the economic success of all projects in the company in a given period of time. This distribution enables participation in returns on several projects in the form of annual bonuses and at the same time, the project risks can be spread out among the projects accordingly.


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